The Deaf Reach Program

Deaf Reach Schools and Training Centers, a program of Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF), envisions a future where education is a reality for all deaf children in Pakistan. By investing in educational tools such as the Pakistan Sign Language Lexicon,  Deaf Reach is working to make literacy, education and skills training accessible to deaf students, and increase the outreach and impact of these resources.

Seven Deaf Reach Schools in Pakistan, and one in Turkey are helping deaf children realize their dreams. To date over 5,000 students have benefited from the program.

  • Full scholarships, from KG through College, enable students to receive an education that maximizes their potential
  • Vocational Training equips deaf youth with marketable skills for employment
  • Parent Training provides parents with the sign language and parenting skills needed to support their deaf children
  • Job Placement facilitates employment for young deaf adults
  • Advocacy raises public awareness of Deaf culture, promoting inclusion and empowerment
  • Teacher Training builds capacity in local teachers of the Deaf. Over 60% of Deaf Reach teaching staff are deaf
  • Educational Resources boost language and literacy skills for the Deaf, giving access to education, employment and services

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